1 hour group class

Hatha yoga focuses on wellness through physical, mental and spiritual means. It encompasses a number of styles in its practice. 

Hatha translates from Sanskrit to sun and moon, a balancing of energies.

At Evolving Fitness we combine the styles of Iyengar, Ashtanga and Vinyasa flows to bring an uplifting invigorating practice to your mat. However the styles of yoga are practiced, principally all styles are borne from the same roots.

Working with the body in such detail and mindfulness allows us to get to know our body and learn to understand its restrictions and its abilities. This gives to us a stronger body, a balanced body and most importantly a mind and body connection. Many of the postures are designed to work with our internal organs resulting in improving their health.

Learning to work with the breath (pranayama) has many benefits. Taking conscious control of the breath has very powerful results. It can help with stress, anxiety, depression and insomnia to name just a few. Controlling and slowing the breath improves your ability to concentrate and brings about a greater connection to the self. This can then help us to learn the art of mindfulness.

We regularly work with Mudras which are hand seals or hand gestures, that can bring about positive benefits for healing and self growth.

Regular yoga practice is a practical response to our hectic modern lives.

Class Times

Monday 10.30am, 6.30pm
Tuesday 7.00pm
Saturday 12.30pm

Yoga for Beginners is available on Saturdays at 9.15am


Per Person
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