Pre/Post Natal

Pre/Post Natal

1 hour session

There are many reasons for maintaining a fitness regime during pregnancy. To list a few - fatigue, nausea, excessive weight gain, swelling of the limbs, recovery time after the birth, permanent healthy lifestyle, and the list goes on. Tailoring your exercise around your pregnancy ensures safe practice for both you and the baby. Doing so in a private environment either alone or with other pregnant friends allows you to ensure safe practice at all times. Throughout the pregnancy, continuing to engage in activities that keep you healthy and strong will help you maintain strength in the body, good posture, high self–esteem and self-confidence. All of these factors will lead to a better post-pregnancy recovery.

Practicing yoga during pregnancy helps you connect with your bump and engage with the changes to the body that pregnancy brings. The yoga is gentle and focuses on strengthening the core and pelvic floor to support the baby. It brings energy and physical strength to your body and leaves you physically nourished and supple.  With regular breathing practices and visualisation techniques taking you towards your birth, they become second nature to you by the time you reach the stages of labour. 

Your post birth recovery will be much faster as will your energy levels to enjoy your new baby.

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