30 minute intense session

Think full body exercises like burpees, squat jumps and press-ups all done back to back with little rest intervals. That’s what Metafit is all about. Creating muscle fatigue and pushing your heart rate to its maximum to give you huge calorific burn.

Everyone wants to reach the end of the session but pacing yourself to get there is against the Metafit rules! No pacing, full effort straight from the starting pistol to push the body as quickly as possible towards muscle fatigue. 

Don’t let the hard work put you off, there are levels for everyone. Your best tuck jump may not be as high or as fast as the person next to you, but believe me if its your best then you’re doing the job correctly. Watch the development take place as your fitness and strength levels increase. As it says on the tin “This ain’t no dance class.” It’s great fun though and brings great rewards.

Class Times

Monday 6.00pm
Friday 6.00pm


Per Person
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