1 hour group class

40:20 Training has been created by Evolving Fitness to capture what we believe are all the elements required for a healthy, fit, strong body. Include in this session the yoga element that allows us to re-connect to our body and you end up leaving the class fully energized and fully centred.

The 1-hour class is split into 40:20 second intervals. For 40 seconds you engage in either a cardiovascular driven exercise at high intensity or a weight bearing exercise, you then rest for 20 seconds and this pattern continues for 40 minutes. Included in that time are some specific abdominal exercises that follow the same 40:20 training principle. Once the first 40 minutes is completed the next 20 minutes is yoga based stretching with breath awareness practice, which concludes with a short relaxation spell at the end. High calorific burning results due to the HIT sections, and creating lean muscle mass with the weight bearing sections, improve your ability to burn calories after you have left the class due to the metabolic increase.

This combination leaves you feeling completely uplifted and refreshed even after the hard work. 

Our experience in body training combined with teaching yoga allows us to offer this unique holistic approach to fitness and health.

Class Times

Monday 09.30am
Tuesday 6.00pm
Thursday 7.00pm
Friday 9.30am


Per Person
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