About Evolving Fitness

Meet Elli, your fitness instructor and personal trainer

Looking after the one body we have typically appears way down our list of priorities.

It’s too easy to find ourselves overwhelmed with the fast pace of today’s lifestyle. Constantly running on reserve, struggling to find time to prioritise health and fitness. I am here to help you find your best version of you. Not only physically but mentally and emotionally. My approach is based on the principle of change and I’ve created the Evolving Fitness Studio with that in mind. My experience in working with the body, utilizing weights and improving heart health are the corner-stone to what we do here. I believe in making changes for a lifetime not a short time.

Regain your confidence, reclaim your body, reignite your life.

Fitness isn't just for the elite

Everyone has access to health and fitness here. We cater for all ages, all abilities and our pricing makes it all extremely affordable. Whether you’re looking for bespoke packages, training alone, with friends, husband and wife joint sessions or joining in the classes, we’re able to accommodate. Our equipment and expertise creates a unique environment for us to work together. Add into that the friendly support network both inside and outside the studio and you will very quickly become part of the Evolving Fitness community. Good food choices aren’t rocket science, allow us to help you with your nutritional needs, it’s what we do. Whatever your training needs are, we’re here to support you all the way.

The Evolving Fitness family awaits you!

We are just that, a family. Everyone who attends the studio has at some point walked over the doorstep for the first time. That’s when it starts to get easier, the hardest visit is the first one. Once you’ve made the commitment to come inside you will see that we all have one goal in mind, the desire to make a change.

Classes start from just £5 per session. Contact us today and book your place!