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Ramsbottoms' Personal Training, Yoga and Fitness studio.

Personal Training, Yoga & Fitness classes for all ages and abilities.

Our Studio is a unique and friendly space that celebrates all aspects of the use of the body.

Here is where changes start to happen. Whatever your requirement, whether it’s to become fitter or stronger, to lose weight, to overhaul your eating habits or just to meet like minded people. We have a solution for you.

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Get fitter, get stronger, be healthy

With our experience and guidance, we can help you change the way you approach health and fitness. You can change your shape, you can change your size, you can improve your fitness and energy levels. The change does start here. Anyone can…You can.

Meet new friends!

There are no elitists here, we are all like-minded individuals who share the same goal of simply getting fitter and feeling stronger and wanting to make changes to our lifestyles, our bodies and our health. Join the family on our Facebook page!

State of the art

Our fitness and Yoga studio is well equipped with everything you need to obtain the results you desire. We run modern fitness classes such as 40:20 and Metafit as well as facilities to practice Aerial yoga!

Meet Elli, your personal trainer

I love what I do, it’s that simple. I love lifting weights, I love pushing my heart rate to its maximum when training and I mostly love finding myself and listening to my body when I practice Yoga. My approach to your change combines all 3 at some level. I’ve worked with the body for years and I’m always amazed at the body’s ability to change. I want to work with you and your lifestyle to take the mystery out of training, help you break bad habits and replace them with good ones. Include in that the holistic approach which yoga brings to the solutions I provide and it will put you on the road to a stronger, fitter, leaner, healthier, happier you